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All early access memberships have been redeemed. Check the secondary market for a chance to get ultimate access to Deer District.

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Our new membership pass gets you closer to the action. You'll feel the energy of Cream City and Deer District like never before.
All early access memberships have been redeemed. Check a secondary marketplace like for a chance to purchase one.

It’s Bigshot Robot!

Cream City local David Mark Zimmerman, aka Bigshot Robot, is the amazing artist behind our membership card.
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Photos by Nick Krusick


You've got questions. We've got answers.
What is Deer District?
Deer District is Milwaukee's newest neighborhood and is redefining the city's downtown. Anchored by the world-class Fiserv Forum, a preeminent sports and entertainment venue and home to the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks, the 30-acre Deer District is Milwaukee's premier location for people to live, work and play, and is a hub for the city's vibrant future. A year-round destination, Deer District features a myriad of dining and entertainment options in addition to Fiserv Forum including The MECCA Sports Bar & Grill, Cream City Cluckery, The Beer Garden, Good City Brewing, Punch Bowl Social, Drink Wisconsinbly and Insomnia Cookies. Deer District also features a large plaza which serves as an ideal setting to enjoy live music, festivals, outdoor movies, fitness classes and other events. For more information on Deer District, visit
Do I need to pay for a Deer District All Access Membership?
Deer District All Access is free for the lucky winners. We are exploring the possibility of opening this membership to a wider audience in the future, until then there are only a limited number of Cream City Passes up for grabs. If you miss out, keep an eye on secondary marketplaces like We'll add official links to the membership on the OpenSea site once the giveaway is over.
How do I use my Deer District All Access Membership?
Your Deer District All Access pass was created to bring you closer to the action.

For IRL access to events, your NFT will be used to check you in. Simply log in to your account on or open your self-hosted wallet and show your NFT just like you would a digital boarding pass or ticket.
Is my Deer District All Access Pass an NFT?
Yes it is! Think of it as a membership pass that uses NFT technology.
What are NFTs?
NFTs are unique digital items. More specifically, they are non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain that can be sold and transferred. NFTs may be associated with digital files such as images, videos, or a membership card. NFTs can give you access to a passionate global community of people who hold an NFT from the same collection and follow the same team. They can also be used as keys or passes to access exclusive areas - like a ticket or a special log in.
Why is my pass an NFT?
We chose to launch Deer District All Access Membership NFTs because it's an exciting new way for fans to access all the benefits we plan to provide.

NFTs also give owners complete control, meaning they can buy or sell memberships whenever they want on easy-to-access secondary marketplaces like Most memberships don't enable you to resell - we do. But we think the benefits will be so good you won't want to :)
What is the environmental impact of Deer District All Access NFTs?
All NFTs will be minted using Polygon, a more cost and energy efficient network. Polygon can batch hundreds of thousands of blockchain transactions into a single Ethereum transaction. Because of this, an enormous amount of activity can take place on Polygon and be verified on Ethereum, with exponentially less energy usage. Polygon’s connectivity to Ethereum provides Deer District All Access members access to the irreplaceable benefits of Ethereum in a cost-efficient way, while using significantly less energy. Each NFT that is minted uses about the same amount of energy as sending 2.5 emails.
Where do I store my NFT digital member pass?
Your membership is tied to your NFT and NFTs are stored in digital wallets. When you create a profile, you’ll automatically be given a wallet if you don't already have one. This is where you’ll find your membership NFT after the sale has finished if you purchase one. Simply sign in to to access your NFT at any time. You can either keep your NFT here or send it to another wallet of your choosing.
Can I sell my Membership NFT later?
You own your membership. It may be sold at any time. The easiest way to sell is to list it on – the world's biggest NFT marketplace. Simply register for an account and follow their onboarding to list your NFT.
How long do benefits last?
This membership program is a trial only for the playoffs. But we are excited about what the future holds and committed to long term value for our community.

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